Common safety problems of escalators and how to prevent them

Escalators are mechanised staircases that move people and objects across different floors of a building, both up and down. Being machines, there are bound to be some problems that can commonly happen. These kinds of problems can cause the escalator to stop working. And in some rare case, these can cause harm to some people. By knowing what common problems escalators face, you can better prepare for any eventual problems that may occur. Here are a few of them.

  • There can be broken or missing steps on the escalator. Steps on an escalator can break because of the teeth holding the tracks in place can break too.
  • Screws in the escalator that have become loose or are missing. This can happen because of all the moving parts in an escalator.
  • The space between steps could widen over time because of general wear and tear.

As you can see these three things can happen to any escalator. The only way to prevent these things from happening is through maintenance work on escalators. The general wear and tear of escalator’s moving parts mean that some or all of these problems can occur. Regular elevator maintenance¬†work should be conducted at all times to reduce the risk of these problems from ever occurring. Maintenance can also catch these problems in their early stages, to prevent them from getting any worse.

These kinds of problems can cause the escalators to malfunction. And these malfunctions could cause bodily harm to anywhere riding on an escalator.  Broken parts or malfunctioning components can cause people to stumble or fall of escalators. And here are some of the injuries that people can get from malfunctioning escalators.

Their limbs, fingers, and other body parts could become caught between steps. This can happen especially with escalators that have widening gaps in the parts of the escalators.

  • Hair, shoes, bags and other personal effects can get caught in the moving parts of the escalator. These can break or tear those personal effects.
  • Falling or tripping of escalator passengers, which could happen to anyone. This can cause serious injuries to people who fall. Generally, it is loose screws and components that cause such things to happen.

As you can see, just like with other mechanical things, escalators can pose some safety hazards to passengers. The only way to reduce the risk of these kinds of hazards is through regular inspection and maintenance of your escalator units. Prevention will stop any of these accidents from happening.

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