Moving Boxes and Transportation

Cheap Moving Boxes can be a great way to save a lot of money and lessen the anxiety during what is invariably a very stressful time that always ends up costing more than we budget on. There is always the option of purchasing new moving boxes from a professional moving company or box manufacturers but these are invariably expensive and although they may be new, strong, clean and tidy, there is always a consideration to look at obtaining cheap moving supplies and boxes for shipping done by logistics company Melbourne that have been used yet still have the ability to be well used with little compromise.

Where to Buy Boxes?

Start with the online resources to find cheap moving supplies.

There are a number of outlets to purchase used cheap moving boxes from, as they have had little use and the used boxes are checked to ensure they are still sound. Often the cardboard shipping boxes have had the tape cut with a carton knife with no damage to the cardboard at all and all that is needed is a roll or two of good quality strong tape to bring these cardboard shipping boxes up to their original strength. Strengthening can be added with more cardboard or even paper especially inside the base of the box where all the weight is transposed to. A large piece of cardboard here will distribute the load and help avoid point loading that may cause the box to split and spill its contents.

Look for Free Boxes

There are a lot of recycled cardboard in the manufacturing of boxes that helps to keep the prices low and if we can find some of these boxes for shipping  before they re-enter the recycling system then this can significantly reduce the packaging cost of our shift. Sourcing a stock of these postage boxes for shipping sometime before we pack will help as they are often only available in small numbers and need to be collected  a number of times.

Find the Popular Easy to Get Shipping Cartons

One of the greatest portable storage units to get hold of is the shipping cartons that bananas are delivered in. They are very sturdy and as bananas are a very popular food item they are always available if you can source them. Sure they have writing on them but they can be over labeled and they are generally clean. Often they need reinforcing in the base for there is a gap that just has cardboard covering it but for items that are not too heavy they are great, for they are uniform size and stack well, strong and robust, making them great boxes for shipping your bulky, less precious items such as books.

Do Not Trade Quality for a Cheap Box

Whilst we like to save on cost there is the need to ensure that we do not suffer unnecessary damage to our prized possessions and using unsuitable large cardboard boxesthat do not give sufficient protection can result in great disappointment in the long run. Finding low cost or free boxes may also take up time and resources that are not readily available and may not prove to be cost effective and these cheap shipping boxes offer false economy.

Unsuitable or weak boxes may contribute to damage to irreplaceable items and overall may prove to be not so great. It is possible to buy shipping boxes online that are good quality and new or near new. Order cheap moving boxes online and they can be delivered within a few days.

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