Using Couch Grass As Compost

Using the dreaded Couch grass as compost is still a great debate to a lot of gardeners out there.  There are those who simply don’t want to risk the chance of having the grass growing all over their lawn after being made into compost and those who claim that they have to problems with it.  Whatever their claims are, there are still a lot of issues in making use of this type of grass especially when you are about to spread a compost made from it all over your lawn.

One of the issues that people face in using couch grass for compost is the fact that it is extremely stubborn.  Using it as compost for certain areas in your house or farm can lead to a tragedy of being overrun by this persistent pest.  This grass simply doesn’t die once pulled out of the ground.  It grows through its rhizomes and even if a tiny part of it ever gets back into the ground, it has a big chance of growing back to prime.  Even placing the uprooted grass in a composter can provide it with a good enough environment for it to grow.

In plain thought, just burn the grass and be free from it.  However, there are some who claim that even after being burned; this grass can simply grow back.  The main problem about burning is when you just light it on fire without having pulled out the roots of the grass off the ground.

Making the compost from Couch grass

To start with the process of making the compost, you will need the artificial grass itself.  Dig out those that you find around your lawn and make sure that you remove all the traces of roots that you find attached to the soil.  This way, there will be less or no chance at all for it to grow back.

Collect all the grasses that you have dug out then pile it in one place with a cement or plastic base to keep it off the ground.  Cover the pile with a black garbage bag or plastic sheet then place it in an area with a lot of sun.  The heat that will be generated inside the plastic will kill the plant together with the lack of sunlight.  Leave it there until the grass dies out.  This is true when they already smell awful.

Once that happens, place it in your composter and allow to stay there for a year or so just to be on the safe side.

Other method of killing the grass is by letting it hang in a wire off the ground and allow the sun to dry it out completely before you place it in the composter.

Another method that you can try is by the process of drowning it.  Place the grass in a container filled with water, cover with black plastic and allow to sit under the sun until it becomes soupy and smelly.

Killing the grass is important to avoid any growth after being made into compost and applied to the ground.  Couch grass is stubborn so you need to be well aware of that.

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